Before the new year began, everyone was talking about the latest marketing trends and hot topics, releasing lots of articles and blogs discussing predictions for the upcoming 12 months.

What we can certainly take away from all the discussion is that in 2019, we can expect digital to continue its transformation of B2B marketing thanks to new technology and DataAnalytics, in particular Intent Data, will increase its important in understanding the customer’s purchase behaviour and help personalise content further creating an even better experience for them

However, all these trends are supported by where the real transformation is happening in B2B marketing: the increasing importance of organisations needing to allow their marketing departments to evolve beyond their “pre-digital” model.

This trend creates a significant challenge for B2B companies as most still view their marketing ventures as a source of expenditure rather than one of revenue creation. With pressure on immediate and cost-effective results mounting, marketing teams are now becoming required to prove they can generate revenue for the business by aligning their marketing activity to the rest of the business goals.

To achieve those goals, marketers need to work on a different model where the marketing objective is not only to engage prospects at the top of the funnel, but also to generate value at the bottom working closely with the Sales department. In other words, marketing leaders need to now recognise that they’re equal contributors, and therefore equally accountable, for sales success.

How companies will be able to fill this gap between Sales and Marketing is the real challenge for 2019 and the years to come.

For marketing agencies, this means providing their clients with a different proposition to help them fill that sales gap.

At Expandi, we have put this challenge at the centre of our 2019 proposition. To help our clients, we have created a Performance Marketing model that differs considerably from the traditional one as it concerns all the steps of the funnel and aims at generating Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), not just clicks and registrations.

The Expandi Performance Marketing model is unique because it is based on:

  • An EMEA proprietary database with high quality contacts. The decision makers in the database are segmented not only by their profile, but also by their “intent” and “areas of interest”
  • A proprietary marketing technology platform which tracks and scores any customer interaction and applies predictive analytics for smarter targeting
  • Capability to deploy the model across 10 markets

How does the Expandi performance-based model work?

As an agency we create and nurture leads through our own in-house business intelligence system. We have integrated traditional firmographic and installed based data to allow the creation of an initial buyer persona profile based on technographic data, marketing campaigns historical data and behavioural and intent data collected straight from digital campaigns.

A sophisticated scoring system allocates points to the user when they have completed an action that indicates a higher proclivity to make a purchase. At the same time the individual score is reviewed with other actions to indicate the prospect’s change in priority. Scoring is done not only at an individual level, but also at an account level which means far more effective targeting (Account-based Marketing).

On top of this vast data system, we have created analytical algorithms that identify using the client’s input what the most suitable target audience for the campaign is.

Finally, Expandi agency remuneration is aligned with the clients’ goals and ensure everyone uses the same metrics to track success. This way any performance deviation from the campaign objectives is promptly reported so as to realign the campaign with the target objective. With this structure in place, B2B companies can now invest their marketing budget more efficiently and boost their ROI.

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