The purpose of this article is to highlight the opportunities that Facebook offer to target a B2B audience. Facebook is becoming more and more B2B oriented but I am still seeing too many companies that consider Facebook as a mere B2C network.

I also make some comparisons between LinkedIn and Facebook not because I think Facebook can replace LinkedIn but because it is useful for the purpose of the article.

1.      Facebook it is the largest database in the world. B2B marketing is fundamentally database marketing. So, why don’t exploit the largest one in the world?

2.      Although it seems obvious to use LinkedIn to target B2B decision makers, companies often overlook an important element: the media consumption. Facebook users spend, on average, 35 minutes per day while LinkedIn users only use the platform for 17 minutes per month. People tend to spend more time on Facebook than LinkedIn and therefore companies might have more chances to engage a prospect in Facebook than LinkedIn in a specific timeframe.

3.      B2B decision makers are still professionals when they spend time on Facebook. For example, when CEOs log into Facebook they don’t take off their “CEO hat” and put on their “average user” hat. They still keep an eye out for information that would improve their business. We all live a multichannel life and are connected nearly 24/7. We consume contents everyday across different platforms. Thanks to Facebook’s huge volume of users, your ideal customer is out there consuming content.

4.      Granularity of the ad-targeting options. The ad-platform of Facebook offers a vast array of targeting options, especially by behaviour and interests. If you know, for examples, your Buyer Persona (e.g. CEO of IT companies) has a specific interest, you can easily target them in Facebook by that interest. Moreover, the different targeting options provide advertisers with more opportunities to optimise a live campaign than other platforms.

5.      Lead generation tactic. Same as LinkedIn, Facebook offer the lead generation tactic form that make advertising in Facebook very convenient for B2B marketers too. Also, the CPC and CPL (Cost Per Lead) can be more convenient than LinkedIn.

6.      You can buy list of B2B decision makers from dedicated providers and target them by advertising within the Facebook network. Or, alternatively, you can take your own list of contacts, upload it in Facebook and see how many users are matched. Then, you can target them by an advertising campaign.

In conclusion, LinkedIn remains the primary channel to target B2B decision makers as it is easy to identify them by standard parameters like job title/function or industry. However, this is not the only way to engage prospects considering that LinkedIn is not the channel where they spend most of the time online. Facebook can really help to improve the lead gen strategy by engaging the audience using different parameters and increase the number of digital leads

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