Don’t leave your lead generation strategy to chance!

In Ryan Myers’ excellent article “Why Outsourcing Your Lead Generation Strategy Might Be a Good Idea” published on HubSpot, he clearly explains the benefits of a company evaluating and considering outsourcing all or part of its lead generation engine. Ryan presents three simple rules:  Outsourcing your lead generation makes sense when ……

If you want to play, you gotta pay.

One ongoing debate among digital marketers is whether companies should pay to promote their own content.We have two different points of view here: The Purists who think providing customers with relevant and qualitative organic content is enough to drive traffic, generate leads, motivate engagement and boost sales conversions.On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Pay-to-Play advocates believe pure content marketing isn’t sustainable and companies have to pay to place their content in front of their target audience.

Performance marketing: a new approach!

When talking about Performance Marketing, people normally think of online advertising. Pay per Click (or Pay per Action) is the performance model agencies and media typically offer to their advertisers, but this model mainly works at a tactical level. Now, with the increasing importance of data analytics in B2B, a…

B2B Companies, stop using megaphone to talk to your buyers and start dialoguing with them

There is little denying that social media has become a fundamental channel for B2B companies.  Social media now represents a prevalent source of information for decision makers and has transformed the purchasing process. This new shift in online marketing showcases all the more that information control now lies with the…

Power is nothing without control

You probably remember the famous 90s tyre brand TV commercial with the slogan: “Power is nothing without control”. The same principle can be applied to digital marketing where Power can be substituted for technology and Control for strategy. Marketers have plenty of powerful software available to improve their digital marketing…

What is the future of traditional channel programs?

More or less every decade the IT industry needs to undergo a review of its business models and realign itself with the new market conditions.

The channel, one of the main pillars of the IT industry, has to follow the same pattern of adaptation and realignment, however, the digital revolution has brought a major shift in the industry. One that very few predicted.

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